Tips for Improving Security of your organization

Top Tips to elevate Information Security of your company. These days we are hearing every other organization is getting attacked or hacked in some or other way. Recently before RSA conference one of the pioneer origination which is know for providing incident response services to other companies was in questions.

I am talking about Mandiant one of the renowned organization providing wide range of services to their customers for detection and defending the attackers. They don’t have any limitation in terms of budget or skillset still they are in news for getting attacked.

So in simple words no organization can say they are unbackable its just the matter of time and efforts which hackers need to put for getting into the organization.

So what can you do to protect your organization

There are multiple things to consider before starting

Identify what’s most risks your organization is facing

Priorities the risk and identify required tools and technologies which can help to mitigate identified risks

Plan and gather resources required to enable the technologies

Repeat the process of identifying the risks on continuous basis on at least yearly basis.

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