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Malware analysis Services in UAE


Malware analysis service is a process of examining malicious software (malware) to understand its behavior and potential impact on a computer system. The goal is to identify the methods used by the malware to infect a system, extract sensitive data, or cause harm. This information can then be used to develop defenses and countermeasures to protect against future attacks. Malware Removal Services in UAE can be performed by security experts or specialized companies, using various tools and techniques to analyze and dissect the malware.

When analyzing malware, some of the important point to keep in mind:

  • Point of Entry
  • Identification/Detection 
  • How does the malware work/perform? 
  •  can we prevent and/or detect further infection?

There are various ways to analyze malware but we are going to discus two ways i.e. Static and Dynamic Analysis.

Static Vs. Dynamic Analysis

 Static Analysis:- This method uses signature detection via checksum for signs of malicious purpose.

Dynamic Analysis :- This method consist of various steps such as running the executable and observing the results. These steps are performed in sandboxed environment since there can ransomware which can encrypt the whole system. 

Benefits Of Malware Analysis

  • Understanding the type of malware used.
  • Overall Improved Security 
  • Helps in reducing false positives

How does eShield work with Malware Removal Services in UAE ?​

  • Run a Malware Scanner
  • Remove Infected Files
  • Clean the Registry
  • Update Software and Operating System
  • Enable Firewalls
  • Stay Vigilant


3 Phases of Malware Analysis: Behavioral, Code, and Memory Forensics.                                                       More info can be found on here.  

Free tools and resources can be found using is link 

Some of the common symptoms are:-

  • Unexplained PC Behavior

  • Interruptions from Pop-ups and Spam

  • Computer Runs Slowly

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