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threat hunting

threat hunting

We handle all of your threat hunting and security needs. Let us remove the stress from your hunting down bugs – so you can enjoy it!

Don’t move, We’ll Handle threat hunting

Structured hunting

It mostly based on indicators of attack  and the attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).

Unstructured hunting

It is primarily based on IOCs (Indicators of Compromise), whose approach is triggered. It is used for data retention .

Situational or entity driven

These generally focuses on high-risk/high-value entities such as sensitive data or critical computing resources.

The process of threat hunting is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

We will collect all the  information given about the environment and raises hypotheses about potential threats.


We'll plan the perfect move for you

 Next, we chooses a process that is best fitted for your further investigation.


See get it done

Now that we have chalked out a plan, it’s only matter of time we find out  threat.


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