Incident Handling And Monitoring Services

Incident Handling And Monitoring

Incident Handling can be defined as the response plan developed by the organization to combat any cyberattack. It comprises of  preparation, identification, containment, recovery and analysis.

incident handling


  • Incident identification
  • categorization & prioritization
  • Analysis
  • communicating with support staff
  • Resolution and recovery
  • Incident closure

Why Choose Us

Help out in Cutting down the negative impact

Provide 24*7 monitoring

Helps in achieving Minimum downtime

Identifying potential attack

Solutions We Provide

Managed Detection Response

We offer continuous monitoring for known threats, suspicious behavior, compromised systems, and unusual traffic. Our trained analysts use a wide range of modern techniques and tactics to catch infections and reduce false positives.

SIEM and Log Monitoring

We help with monitoring, managing, and optimizing your IT services, thereby beefing up security. These alerts can not only help you stop attacks that are in progress, but also help you quickly recognize if a breach does occur.

Endpoint Detection and Response

We provide continuously storage and analyses of endpoint data, so that our real-time threat detection can figure out the complete attack kill chain.