Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics focuses on the identifying, recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices.

We provide

  • Operational support
  • Guidance
  • Capacity building

Our Methodology

Steps which we use in-order to achieve goal


Finding out all the evidences


This is done in-order to prevent people from possibly tampering


Perform analysis to reconstruct and draw out conclusion


Keep a documented record of all the data


Evidence is collected either when the investigators seize or maintain the original evidence. Detailed info can be find in this link.

Computer forensics tools are applications or software that are used to investigate digital devices and reconstruct events. Common tools are:- Autopsy/The Sleuth Kit, Bulk Extractor, X-Ways Forensics and many more. You can find tools and information regarding tools here.

  • Media forensics: It includes identification, collection, analysis and presentation of audio, video and image evidences during the investigation process.
  • Cyber forensics: It is the branch that deals with identification, collection, analysis and presentation of digital evidences during the investigation of a cyber crime.
  • Mobile forensics: It deals with the investigation of a crime committed through a mobile device like mobile phones, GPS device, tablet, laptop.
  • Software forensics: It investigates of a crime related to software’s only.

When Digital Forensics Is Required?

It is a part of incident response. Forensic Investigators identifying and document details of a criminal incident as evidence to be used for law enforcement.