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GDPR Data Privacy Implementation

In this article we will be diving deep about this interesting topic GDPR Data Privacy Implementation.

But before that, let us see what this GDPR Data Privacy Implementation really means !

Defining the GDPR

  • GDPR stands for European Union’s (EU) – General Data Protection Regulation.
  • GDPR is used for building and strengthening the data protection framework of the current EU.
  • It is a set of rules which are designed to give more control over the personal data for the EU citizens.
  • GDPR is applicable to any organization which is operating within EU as well as the organizations which are offering goods or services to businesses or customers in the EU.

Principles of GDPR

The following are the principles of General Data Protection Regulation

  • Whether the data subject had given consent for processing his/her personal data
  • Should fulfill the obligations of a data subject and for the tasks at the request of a data subject. They involve in the process of entering into a contract
  • They comply within a data controller’s legal obligations
  • They protect the interests of a data subject
  • They perform a task in official authority or in the public interest
  • The legitimate interests are overridden by data subjects’ interests


Preparing the project

  • First we should create a project plan in order to implement the GDPR
  • We should include the proper stakeholders who fit in our GDPR project
  • We should be able to perform a readiness assessment so that we can find out what tasks can we perform

Defining Documents like Data Policy

  • Should be able to create internal protection policy for the personal data
  • Should be able to create top-level policies whenever it is required such as the Data Retention Policy
  • Should be able to create awareness about the GDPR requirements to the employees
  • Should be able to take a decision on the Data Protection Officer for its assignment and taken decision should be documented
  • Should be able to appoint a Data Protection Officer if required so that he can communicate to the Supervisory Authority by telling their name

Inventory for Processing Activities

  • We should first list out the processing activities and check for the mapping purposes
  • Make sure whether your own company had published the privacy notes for the data subjects

Approach For Managing Data Subjects

  • The data subject rights should be implemented by establishing a legal basis for the processing purpose
  • It can provide the consent and request access
  • The company must maintain the requests records of data subject rights

Implementing Data Protection Impact Assessment

  • Whenever initiating a new project, implementing changes to the information systems or a product, this data protection impact assessment (DPIA) should be conducted

Securing the Personal Data Transfers

  • Should implement the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to protect data subjects’ personal data
  • We should consider protection and privacy whenever we are initiating and designing new processes and systems

Handling Data Breaches

  • We should set up the processes so that we can identify and handle the personal data breaches
  • We should prepare the notifications, if required whenever there is a personal data breach for the data subjects and Supervisory Authority and data subjects


That’s all about the GDPR Data Privacy Implementation. I hope that you have enjoyed and enhanced your knowledge after reading this article. We have learned what is GDPR, it’s principles and the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation Data Privacy Implementation.

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