Security Assessments

Vulnerability Assessment - Security professional scanning network for vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in a system, network, or application. Vulnerability assessment is a methodical process of detecting and assessing vulnerabilities in a system, network, application, or infrastructure. It entails the use of numerous tools and techniques to assess the security posture and find vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit.

Application Security audit image and a brief intro

Application Security Auditing

Application auditing is the process of evaluating the security of an application to identify vulnerabilities and threats that may lead to security breaches. This involves reviewing the code, configuration, and architecture of an application to determine its level of security and to identify areas where security can be improved

A mobile phonebeing protected from security

Mobile Application Audits

The process of analyzing the security, performance, and functionality of mobile applications is referred to as mobile application auditing. It entails completing a detailed assessment to discover vulnerabilities, flaws, and compliance gaps in the design, development, and deployment of the mobile app. Mobile application auditing’s major purpose is to ensure that mobile apps follow industry best practices, security standards, and regulatory requirements.

Red Team Assessment - Security professionals conducting a simulated attack to test an organization's defenses

Red Team Assessments

Red team is group of professionals who emulates hacker’s methodologies and conduct a security assessment for an organization and provide them security feedback. They are also known as Ethical Hackers. Their methodology is not only limited with only penetration testing but also contains techniques like social engineering, privilege escalation and more.

black box penetration testing and it's brief intro

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as “pen testing”, is a simulated cyber attack performed on a computer system, network, or web application to evaluate its security. The goal of a penetration test is to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system and to assess the effectiveness of security controls in place. Penetration testing is a proactive approach to improving cybersecurity by providing organizations with a clear understanding of their security posture and the risk of a potential attack.

Malware analysis

Malware analysis service is a process of examining malicious software (malware) to understand its behavior and potential impact on a computer system. The goal is to identify the methods used by the malware to infect a system, extract sensitive data, or cause harm. This information can then be used to develop defenses and countermeasures to protect against future attacks.

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