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1. MdIt Services
        – MdIT was founded on the idea of offering Cyber Security Services (a security analyst firm) at competitive rates by employing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and manpower in an effective and efficient manner.
        – One of the companies in the information security industry that is expanding the fastest is MdIT (Top security services). We offer these services across the nation, including network security providers and other services (Cyber security Auditing Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Haryana, Panjab, Chandigarh, Muscat, Qatar, Dubai & Bahrain).
        – They are businesses that provide information security services and have the top personnel in the industry.
        – They offer a variety of services, from consulting to information security implementation, to help businesses reach their goals and expand rapidly.
        – Services they offer are listed below :
            – Application Security Testing/Auditing
            – Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
            – Compliance Audit
            – IT Audit
            – Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation
            – Emergency Response
            – Malware Analysis
            – Security Trainings
    2. Cyber ops InfoSec LLP
        – Second in the list of the top cybersecurity firms, Cyber Ops has advanced technology, advanced digital modification, and skillfully configured systems for effective defense against cyberattacks.
        – By providing customers with a highly productive, flexible, and improved experience, cyber operators seek to protect digital cyberspace. To oversee competence and a global presence in the field of data security and cybercrime investigation, cyber operations have been humming.
        – In the area of information security, Cyber Ops is regarded as India’s top organization. The advancement of technology and the interconnectedness of corporate ecosystems have increased vulnerability to cyberattacks.
        – By providing a range of goods and services, they seek to protect cyberspace digitally. They also linger to have an impact on our knowledge of information security and the scope of our global footprint in those fields.
        – To meet the needs of various sectors, they promote certified information security training, offer penetration testing for security audits, and offer aid with cybercrime investigations.
    3. AVG India
        – AVG India, which has fought off cybercrimes for more than 20 years, is third on the list of top cybersecurity companies. They have facilities for testing and preventing a wide variety of security shelters in their laboratories.
        – They provide consumers with privacy, solutions, and business knowledge. They currently belong to the avast family of industry-leading digital security technologies, which is committed to ensuring the safety of people everywhere.
        – The name AVG is derived from Grisoft’s initial offering, Anti-Virus Guard, which was launched in the Czech Republic in 1992. The initial AVG license sales were place in Germany and the UK in 1997. In 1998, AVG was introduced in the US.
        – AVG’s product line was made more well-known thanks to the AVG Free Edition. As a result of AVG Technologies’ acquisition of the anti-spyware company Ewido Networks in 2006, the AVG security suite now includes anti-spyware.
    4. Indian Cyber Security Solutions
        – Through its skill solution package of cyber security audit & assurance, I.T. service supervision, business technology advisory, and information security, Indian Cyber Security Solutions promises to provide an all-around shield against data theft, security breaches, hacking, network vulnerability, virus attacks, system concession, frauds, and many other things.
        – Additionally, it builds B2C partnerships by developing solution packages as well as by employing dynamic, talented, and trained staff to establish a long-lasting support network.
        – An organization called Indian Cyber Security Solutions satisfies the global demand for technology-organized risk management and cyber security solutions. ICSS was established in 2013, and since then it has gained a lot of momentum and acquired an exceptional place among the leading businesses in this field.

United Arab Emirates : UAE

1. Ethos Global Solutions
        – Reputation management (ORM) and public relations firm Ethos Global Solutions is situated in Dubai. Their main objective, brand impression management and delivering tailored strategic solutions, aims to assist companies in maintaining their strong online presence and achieving success quickly.
        – They are established, astute, and preeminent in their field thanks to their more than 10 years of market experience, more than a thousand completed successful projects, and large staff of global professionals.
        – They protect brands from all types of reputational harm, such as covert attacks, silent slashing, worry trolls, brandjacking, identity theft, and other issues.
        – They are one of the top IT companies in the world for perception management because they are strategic, competent, and committed to what they do.
    2. Clouds Dubai
        – Leading Middle Eastern distributor of IT security, Clouds Dubai handles needs for backup, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity.
        – As a Value Added Distributor, they are dedicated to offering top-notch goods and services that meet the fundamental requirements of Gulf consumers in terms of IT security, cloud computing, and backup.
        – In addition to Managed Security Services, SOC as a Service, Digital Forensics, VAPT, Compromise Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Awareness Training, IT Audit, Source Code Review, Threat Hunting & Incident Response, they also offer IT Security services. To market their goods and services in the area, they collaborate closely with more than 600 channel partners.
        – Their team has effectively introduced new cybersecurity solutions in the area for more than 12 years through the channel. A proven security researcher with expertise and in-depth technical knowledge of information security policies and procedures makes up their main security team. The caliber of pre-sales, implementation, and post-sales support they offer to channel partners sets them apart from the competition. Product training and marketing assistance are given to the channel partners.
        – uSecure Security Awareness Platform, inWebo MFA, ITsMine Beyond DLP, Logsign SIEM & SOAR, ThreatCop Social Engineering Simulation, Fusion EUM, TruGrid Secure Work from Home Solution, inDefend Insider Threat Management Solution, Ekran User/Server Monitoring solution, BackupAssist Backup solution, NeuShield Ransomware Protection, and CloudSEK Di are among the products that they distribute.
    3. Diffco
        – They are experts at turning your concept, ideal, or business objective into a mobile app or other enterprise digital solution. Their team has the skills you need to produce excellent products thanks to decades of development experience, a profound awareness of international markets, and unsurpassed technological proficiency.
        – Allow them to assist you in selecting the ideal course of action to offer the ideal answer.
        – Diffco builds, accelerates, and supports your business in addition to creating apps.
    4. Strategic Technology Solutions
        – At Strategic Technology Solutions, they take seriously their responsibility to offer the best IT solutions. Their goal is to assist contemporary firms in the Middle East in handling information successfully, including how to offer it to clients, process it using cutting-edge technology, and guarantee that office equipment operates continuously and without interruption.
        – They have been one of the top Dubai IT solutions providers over the past few years because to their focus on the little things and drive to go above and beyond for their customers. In order to maintain our position as the top supplier of IT solutions in Dubai, we have taken it upon ourselves to supply clients with top-notch IT services and support solutions.
        – They go above and above what is required by the contract since they place a significant emphasis on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality solutions.
        – Customers’ satisfaction is how they gauge their success, thus they constantly work hard to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. Their goal is to establish a long-lasting, mutually beneficial strategic partnership in addition to offering IT solutions.
    5. VRS Technology
        – The main goal of VRS Technologies, a top provider of IT consulting and implementation services, is to give the best solutions for the clients. To improve your company’s functioning and productivity, we incorporate cutting-edge technology into your working environment.
        – Their end-to-end IT services and technology solutions, such as consulting, structured cabling, annual maintenance contracts, and web services to meet your digital marketing needs as well, have served a number of organizations and establishments since their founding in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2009.
        – To help your company succeed in the digital age, their team of specialists makes the effort to offer bespoke solutions. They focus more on developing the ideal solution that meets unique business objectives and expectations.

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia : KSA

1. Sahara Net
        → Sahara Net is a provider of broadband, cloud, and cyber security solutions in the information and communications technology industry.
    2. Cybersenshi
        → A cybersecurity SaaS platform to automate penetration testing, detect cybersecurity flaws in web applications and networks, and other related tasks.
    3. Saudi PenTesting Company
        → Services related to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent systems are offered by the Saudi PenTesting Company.
    4. Life Shield Group
        → With a variety of partners, our group has created industry, trade, military security, real estate, contracting, AI, and consulting.
    5. RASD
        → RASD offers services in artificial intelligence and cyber security, including training, consultancy, and cutting-edge security solutions.


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