SAMA Compliance

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) Compliance

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) launched the SAMA Cyber Security Framework to help enterprises secure essential information assets and online services. The action is a result of the central bank’s efforts to improve ethical behavior in financial institutions and guarantee adherence to the highest industry standards. By using best practices, the Cyber Security Framework is intended to increase Cyber Resilience.

SAMA Data Encryption and Deletion 

Section 3.3.9 of the SAMA regulations states: “The use of cryptographic solutions within the Member Organizations should be defined, approved and implemented.” The objective of this section is “to ensure that access to and integrity of sensitive information is protected and the originator of communication or transactions can be confirmed. ”Data encryption is the most effective cryptographic method that enterprises can adopt. Companies can secure sensitive information from physical and virtual dangers by encrypting data at the point where it is stored and before it leaves the controller’s possession. The SAMA Cyber Security Framework also has a section titled

Permanently erasing data in a secure manner is more difficult than it appears. Incorrect data removal results in data remanence, which is the residual representation of data that remains after it is purged normally.

Stages of SAMA Compliance

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