Satyam Jha

Satyam Jha

Cloud Computing and Cloud Security


What is Cloud Computing? Setting up your business for future achievement begins with changing from on-premises equipment to the cloud for your figuring needs. The cloud gives you admittance to additional applications, further develops information openness, assists your group with…

How to create a strong password policy


Introduction In today’s digital age, passwords are the first line of defense against unauthorized access to personal or sensitive information. Whether it’s for email, banking, social media, or other online accounts, creating a strong password is essential. So we have…

Top 8 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Employees

Cybersecurity Tips

Top 8 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Employees Since the pandemic, remote working has become much more common worldwide. Even when the pandemic ended, working from home remained widespread across multiple sectors. While working from is helpful and has many advantages,…

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